Friday, November 8, 2013

Proven ways to quit smoking

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quit smoking
Recently spread the habit of smoking among girls in secondary strikingly, stating revealed statistical association "purity" to combat smoking among this year's study found that 35 percent of high school students in Saudi smokers.

Quit - About - Altdkhinasubht a lot of girls today are aware of damage and the dangers of smoking and want to quit , but they find it difficult to do so, so we'll start first decision-making " Quit smoking today " and we will review you consult Dr Anwar Yusuf consultant family medicine, some simple steps and effective for takeoff smoking:

- Development of personal motivation to quit smoking

May be personal motivation to quit a health or aesthetically pleasing , whatever the motivation we need to support it, it is a health point of view can we learn to research and studies have proven that smoking destroys health and cause of death .

Regarding the impact of smoking on the beauty of the girl, let us remember that smoking reduces the freshness of the face and on the color of the lips, gums and teeth and cause appearance of dark circles around the eyes, as well as the successor of the effects appear in facial wrinkles,  skin die quickly due to smoking , shows a girl is larger than life real

- Not too late !
Here's a simple truth , but important : the body's tremendous ability to heal itself , process of healing cells of the body of toxins smoking begin immediately after cessation of cigarette smoking following , and after years of smoking cessation, will be able body to return to its natural state as if we did not we use it at all, and we'll start to reap the fruits of this wise step and improve health.

- Consult your doctor or competent medical centers
Should not hesitate to seek medical advice , where they can develop an appropriate plan to quit smoking , working to meet the personal needs and medical , to identify the other alternatives for nicotine that can be used to dispense with him , such as: nicotine patches , gum ( Ban ) nicotine, spray nicotine that send specific amounts of nicotine vapor to the inside of the mouth , and other available alternatives.

- Development of new healthy habits
To support our step to quit smoking through the adoption of new habits rather than harmful habit of smoking depends on regular physical activity such as exercise , where many of the studies show that there is a clear link between exercise and success in quitting smoking.

- Advance planning to deal with the pressure
Overcoming the habit of smoking is not easy, and we need to fully prepared to deal with the pressures resulting from quit smoking by doing some presets

For example, we would be tempted to smoke at times when we used to smoke them, and will require resolve and determination so that we can control rather than be controlled is upon us, and can also feel nervous and thought we need a cigarette to calm down , and then you can walk a little bit to that calm down instead of smoking a cigarette .

- Focus on the positive aspects

Rather than think about the denial of smoking, should remind ourselves of the extent of the greatness of this decision and our commitment to stop smoking, and instead of thinking about the taste of a cigarette, to remember that we got rid of the smell of the mouth and breath breath, and think of all the things that we have lost already due to smoking, such as stop coughingand deep sleep

And always remember this phrase and the with yourself , " If you quit smoking now, I 'll live better and longer lives ."


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