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Overview of acne

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all about acne
All about acne

The symptoms of acne is divided according to the type of acne , where acne is divided into two categories:

1 - inflammatory : occurs when the cause of fatty acids to make the bulbs infected inflamed obstruction , composed and blisters filled with pus , and may be severe inflammatory acne nodules place left deep scars deep may cause distortion .
2 - inflammatory Not : consists of the heads is not around any redness or pain , and most people infected with this type .

And both types usually affects the face , but much of it appears above the upper chest , back , neck and buttocks.

Prevention of complications :
Difficult to prevention of acne , but it in Asttaatk take steps to prevent its complications are:
1 - Wash your face , neck and back twice a day with plain soap ( fragrance free ) and water.
Information : You do not need to be washed more than this or let you skin or use harsh soap because it dries the skin , making it more sensitive to the treatment of acne.
2 - Do not Tskhaddm creams or oils cosmetics on your face , they clog the pores and make you susceptible to acne or at least avoid heavy make-up , with the need to remove Wella Gentle Cleanser cream before washing.

4 - Avoid doping Albanian muscles .
5 - Do not scratch a squeeze or rub the pimples or cysts , it leads to scarring often remain permanent.
And methods useful information :
A - For white blisters , you can remove them by tablespoon Alcolmadon ( and is a very small spoon in the middle of the hole ), where the pressure on until the liberation of pimples pores.
B - If you have a large yellow spot on container pus and feel that you must get rid them gently Vathagbha by needle ( sterilized fire ) then Crush pus from a paper by a taboo and wash your hands .
6 - There is no evidence that there are foods or sexually active can have any effect on acne.
7 - Acne is not contagious .


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