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Olive oil: the prevention of heart disease is not in one's diet!

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Heart Health
Heart Health

What are the components of olive oil ?
An important prelude There are four types of dietary fat , two of them pose a danger to health , particularly the health of the heart and arteries are saturated animal fats and trans fats ( processed) .Heart Health

There are two more healthy and less harmful in the daily diet is unsaturated fat, whether unilateral or multilateral., Olive oil is a vegetable oil made ​​up 99.9% of the fatty acids three most important oleic palmitic and every 15 mL of it contains 115 calories of energy and 13.5 grams of fat(90% unsaturated and 10% saturated) Heart Health

And contains glycerol , " which is a type of fat" and also contains very few omega-3 (less than 1 g ) and a little of the vitamin ( j + k ) It is important to know that olive oil does not contain carbohydrates or proteins.

There are fatty substances called Vsvoulibd "poly-phenol" anti-oxidant Some claim it prevents narrowing of arteries of the heart because of antioxidants with the studies of modern medical proved that antioxidants protect not address diseases of the arteries of the heart and the classic example of this is the vitamin (j) In a recent study famous.

The human body generally does not need very necessary for trans fats as fat only needs man is Omega 3 ...

 and olive oil, the source of poor of Omega- 3 where one must consume 207 Mellitrut to get it needs daily of omega-3 , but this increases the amount of calories consumed to 1,800 calories and 30 grams of saturated fat ! ! Heart Health

What is the effect of olive oil on LDL cholesterol and triglycerides ?
In all of the studies conducted on medical olive oil, which is measured LDL cholesterol and triglycerides is committed by a person severe diet down the proportion of saturated animal fats to less than 7% of total daily calories

And replaced by eating vegetable oils in these studies , such as olive oil, corn oil , canola oil, " rapeseed oil ", which proved it's all down cholesterol LDL ratios are close , as well as triglycerides ... Vamufaul which impact on the level of fat in the blood is "replace" animal fat, saturated in those Studies vegetable fats that contain monounsaturated fat , which is undoubtedly more " health" of saturated animal fat ( oils cows and sheep ) Heart Health

This is the position of the agency U.S. Food and Drug From this point specifically therefore gave the agency Food and Drug Administration the same position for vegetable oils in three (olive , corn and canola ) and therefore is not recommended adding olive oil to animal fat, saturated fat in our daily diet and claim that it protects the heart and arteries.

Misconception :
There are those who mistakenly believed that the addition of olive oil to any food converts the harmful food into useful ! !
Vtgda adds to the different types of eating full of saturated animal fats such as "  meat "   ... etc.

In fact, it adds a kind of fat to another type of fat and increases the burden experienced by the body to store those fats or incinerated .

Therefore, says Dr.( Robert Voukl )from the University of Maryland in the United States , " Research shows that fat , including olive oil, adversely affect the performance of the arteries , but which protects patients in the diet Mediterranean basin is a lot of vegetables and fruits , fish, brown bread and avoid animal fats ... either add animal to vegetable fats but makes the problem more complicated " Heart Health

Is olive oil is recommended for heart patients ?
Undoubtedly heart patients are advised to replace saturated animal oils in their daily diet with unsaturated vegetable oils are best taste olive oil , but there is no scientific evidence to an arbitrator makes the best olive oil in terms of heart disease than the rest of other vegetable oils

Therefore not recommended heart patients permanently add olive oil to food containing animal fat from saturated or laced with other vegetable oils when prepared . Heart Health

Olive oil, vegetable oil, such as vegetable oils other healthy encouraged to use it as a substitute for animal fat and not as an addendum her and moderate amounts few exceeding of triglycerides It is important to know that the prevention of heart disease is not in the food and one "no matter claimed from marketed ," but in a lot of vegetables and fruits on in general, and stay away from animal fats and everyday sport .

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