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Of the causes of weight gain ..High heels

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Many people seek to not eat more sweets and sweetened drinks , and belonging to sports clubs to get on the curvaceous body and ideal weight , however , some complain that these things did not check them as you pour , what is the reason for this ?
 causes of weight gain
Increase - see the weight of modern scientific studies that there are other reasons , other than those mentioned , relating to matters of life practiced by some simple , does not seem to be linked to weight loss , however, to be linked to obesity and weight loss , study enumerated in the following titles , including :
causes of weight gain
- Marriage : It was said repeatedly that marriage increases a man's happiness , but scientists Greeks discovered now that this happiness may turn to additional kilograms and fats more about the waist circumference has concluded that the medical committee of Hellenism that married men are at three times more than العازبين to suffer from obesity in the stomach area or flatulence
causes of weight gain
While married women are more than twice vulnerable single for balled abdomen and the accumulation of fat in this region of the body.

The Chairman of the Committee,( Dimitris Curtis ) , when presenting the results of the study in Athens : "The results of the survey , which included 17341 people aged between 20 and 70 years showed that obesity in waist circumference was a health problem worse when married ," and attributed the researchers reason for this phenomenon to the allocation of the couple and a longer time to sit together in front of the TV and eating.

- High Heels : personal trainer DAX see Moi, that contributes to the high heels balled thereby forming belly paunch , and Moi believe that constantly wear high heels makes your stomach muscles stand out and balled forward , Dalton is consistent with the views of Wong Moi

He says: "High heels can weaken the stomach, and the formation of the abdomen below the navel highlights directly, so I would advise my clients from fashion models and film stars to wear high heels on the red carpet, and takes them off once you sit."

causes of weight gain
General also advised women to avoid wearing high heels only when necessary and wear it at the earliest opportunity , " and when you're at home , walk barefoot to strengthen muscles weakened due to wear high heels ."
causes of weight gain
- Gene Working : researcher finds if so , from the School of General Medicine at Harvard University that genetic and environmental factors together may increase the risk of obesity

He says: " The cause of obesity are some people who eat the same amount of sweetened drinks more than others may be due to them some of the genetic markers associated with the disease

He added that people who carry genetic markers increase their risk of obesity , they can mitigate this risk by eating healthy drinks .

causes of weight gain


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