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Fruit reservoir of vitamins and minerals

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At a time when many fear the share of fruit as it embraces a high amount of calories , but the reality is quite different .
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Benefits of fruits

Studies have proven the importance of introducing fruit in the daily food pyramid to provide the body and health benefits away the specter of disease .

Refreshing , productive , nutritious , healthy , light , consisting of sugar .. Those are the synonyms that apply to the word fruit , that gift masterpiece of nature . But what are the benefits? Where is the harm ?

Benefits of fruits

And advised of the importance of diversification of the fruit in order to acquire the nutrition required by the body throughout the week.

And considered " that fructose may lead to obesity in the event of over - addressed , any more than three servings a day , as the majority of thermal units that produce fruit comes from sugar stored in the body . And transforms sugar turns into triglyceride triglyceride Kkafah the types of sugars and is Tejesenh in fat cells as a result of our consumption of a high amount of calories . "
Benefits  fruits
And pointed out that " the fruit per share includes approximately 60 calories , but they differ from one type to another ." She adds : " If we talk about the current season fruit , examination and one of which is equivalent to a grain of lemon , or a grain of kiwi , or even a small apple ." Relay: " Snack component can be addressed of biscuits Alleight , instead of a share of the fruit or small slab of chocolate Faoizi two servings of fruit ."

Benefits of fruits

As for refraining from eating fruits , she stressed Gbela on " that has several disadvantages , including: that the body lacks the necessary fiber contained in fruits and limiting health problems such as diarrhea and bowel problems .

Fiber is also working to reduce the rate of bad cholesterol in the blood, because it relieves absorbed as well as they contain a large amount of vitamins . "

Common Errors
Benefits of fruits
And about the common mistakes that orbit fruit, confirmed " that the avocado does not fall in the category of fruit is also rumored as it is a source of saturated fat , but it is useful for the body of the other . In detail , if the split avocado pill into 8 sections , each one of which is equivalent to a teaspoon of oil Alzion " .

And adds : " embraces mango vitamin C and a high amount of fiber , while the grain of the fruit is equal to four regular servings of fruit ." He says : " It remains to be the cream contains significant benefits that only half a grain of them equivalent to a share of the fruit ."

Fruit Cocktail

And around fruit cocktail , his sides are essential : while embracing the benefits of healthy and nutritious , but the overuse which causes an increase in weight. She says : "It is possible to cut some of the different types of fruit and add a tablespoon of honey and rose water , Fimd the body the necessary benefits .

But on the other hand , if you were to add the cream , honey, and raw nuts , this mixture provides the body with nearly 500 BTUs , as we take a high percentage of fat is useful . " And called for the importance of diversification of the daily requirement of fruit eat it in moderation .

Benefits  of fruits
On the other side , warned diabetics and is enjoyed by high amount of triglycerides in the blood, the importance of attention from the fruit intake any non- overcome Alhstin in one day.

And held that " a diabetic meal fruit immediately after the main meal , which contain a combination of protein , carbohydrates and fat , as opposed to the average person who does not suffer diseases, health , where try eating fruit after a period of eating main meals so that the body can benefit from vitamins and absorption in the right way . "

Excessive obesity  :Benefits  of fruits
Nutrition experts advise scientists " Yale " the U.S. to stay away as much as possible about food and beverages rich fruit sugar " fructose " soft Kalmchrobat , dates, honey , raisins , where scientific study confirmed that this sugar may cause obesity


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