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Abdominal gas and what are the causes and how they are disposed of

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abdominal gas,
The problem of abdominal gas is a common phenomenon in the present day it is increasing day by day because of the quality of food intake and a sedentary lifestyle among many .

abdominal gas

Gases - abdominal presence of gas in the abdomen is a natural phenomenon but it becomes a problem when it increases natural gas alone , they lead to discomfort as they cause social embarrassment to its owner.

There are a lot of foods that increase of these gases and the presence of such gases may be due to digestive problems and the most important causes of such gases are:

1 - when it comes to food undigested into the colon , fermented by the bacteria in there and fermentation process produces these gases . abdominal gas

2 - healthy foods also typically fiber - filled produces gases abdomen and stomach because fiber is not digested or difficult to digest in the body. abdominal gas

3 - If the person does not bear a specific kind of food or fumbles thereby creating food that abdominal gases .

4 - eat a lot of soft drinks leads to the formation of gases. abdominal gas

5 - Constipation also leads to the formation of gases.

6 - Inhalation heavily with eating leads to the formation of gases .

But the problem of gas is not difficult or complicated thing but a set of steps a person can get rid of them and avoid them and these effective tips : abdominal gas

1 - Increased drinking fluids :
Because the form of gases due to weakness in the digestion process so must a lot of drinking liquids because they help in the transfer of unabsorbed food for Colon and thus Taraha outside the body.

When you eat healthy foods rich in fiber should drink large quantities of water to prevent food particles gathered unabsorbed in the colon , producing gases. abdominal gas
2 - reduction of soft drinks :
When soft drinks increases the sense of heaviness and discomfort due to collect the gases in addition to pain in the chest due to such drinks .

3 - Add the mustard for the food :
Add mustard preferred for the food because it helps to get rid of gases and prevents posed too.

4 - drinking hot liquids :
When you eat hot liquids gases out of the body as a tea or coffee. Preferably drinks herbs like mint , it also helps in the digestion process . abdominal gas

5 - Eating fruits :
Because some types of vegetables cause some form of gases at Certain fruits help mitigate these gases such as drinking lemon juice or citrus in general . abdominal gas

6 - Exercise:
It is very important exercise to avoid those gases . You should exercise at least half an hour a day in addition to other activities and exercise to avoid laziness and inactivity as a reason to build a gas in the body.

7 - positions help in getting rid of gases:
There are certain positions help mitigate gases and make it out of the body , especially in pregnant women who suffer from flatulence in pregnancy , including: abdominal gas

Lie down on one side , and raise the level of head legs.

8 - eat Indian spices :
Indian spices significant benefits in reducing and getting rid of stomach gas and help in the process of digestion , including cumin , cardamom and turmeric.


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