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8 Foods to build strong muscles

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Vary the nutritional values ​​of food, according to each type, there are foods provide the body with Card and values ​​of food higher than others, so choosing the healthy eating of the most important factors that will help us to gain the energy needed to continue our mission of life different, as well as the key role played by the proper food in building the muscles of the body.

So look closely in the selection of various meals, we first have to know the most important healthy foods that help us to build the muscles of our bodies.

Egg is one of the most important sources that provide the body with protein , without impart significant calories , which makes the process of submitting the eggs with snacks of my favorite things .

And is the nutritional value in eggs because it contains nine kinds of amino acids and a large number of vitamins such as A, D , E, B-12 , iron , thereby ensuring building muscles of the body properly, and as a result the value of nutrients that do not match the egg is one of the cuisine 's main any diet .

Not only this, eggs contains a large number of food items of high value , to find , for example, the subjects of " Lutein and zeaxanthin are " the most important elements to avoid the formation of white water on the eye , but the article " selenium " in eggs with vitamin E and antioxidants turn off the spigot flatly damage and tissue atrophy , while the article " choline " play a pivotal role in activating the brain functions.

Almond kernels:
Did you know that eating TWO of almonds a day enhances building muscles strong body structure?, Which contains almonds are high in vitamin E, which is absorbed by the body quickly, which stimulates protect body cells and tissues from being oxidized and therefore remain muscle retains its strength, as well as protecting cells the brain from damage.

It also suggests a U.S. study from the U.S. Institute of Medicine, men that eating foods that contain a high percentage of vitamin E, protect them by 67% the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Fish oil :
If you follow the diet requires eating a seafood , please feel free to add salmon to the list of your food , as it contains a large amount of fatty acids or " omega- 3 " .

The importance of fatty acids to improve the overall situation of the muscles of the body , The body needs to store a high proportion of protein to strengthen the muscle - building process , and this is exactly what gives him a fish oil for the body.

It also demonstrated a number of studies have shown that eating fish meal - the first source to extend the body to " omega-3 " - twice a week , so weighing meal of "200 to 400 grams ," is the biggest guarantee to avoid the risk of heart attacks, sudden , while you can replace


If you get strong muscles is your goal , do not exclude a cup of yogurt a day of basic meals ,  Yogurt foods that gives the body a combination of protein and carbohydrates , which contribute to faster muscle growth .

Replace a cup skim eating yogurt cup plain yogurt " full-fat " with the addition of delicious fruit pieces ,  fruit enhance the proportion of carbohydrates , which in turn is working to increase the levels of insulin in the blood.

Some studies also indicate that the cup yogurt contains a special type of fat , and the magic that works to reduce the proportion of fat already in the body, to become the yogurt of the rare foods that contain fat of a special nature commensurate with the application of the diet .

Beef :
Eating one slice of beef , you earn a large body energy proteinuria , Beef  the most important source of protein as it contains iron and zinc are working on the formation of blood cells and protect the body 's tissues from damage or atrophy .

Scientific studies have proven conclusively that the right amount needed by any body of meat ranging from (100 to 200 grams ) , so it is advisable not to eat more pieces of meat as may be caused by serious illnesses such as blockage of the artery .

Be sure to eat meat defatted , to be roasted or boiled , and completely away from fried meat , process of frying in oil or margarine earn more meat from harmful fat that is the direct cause of increased cholesterol causes heart clots .
Olive oil:
A teaspoon of olive oil on the different meals, protect you exposure to muscle weakness with give food taste great fast digestion, because olive oil consists of monounsaturated fat with vitamin E that fights Apartments tissue and weaknesses.

In addition to the role of the olive oil in a muscle-building, it reduces the risk of heart attacks and cancer of the blood and bone fragility.

When buying olive oil, be sure to choose the finest quality, which guarantee you the highest emphasis

Many people do not care about the importance of taking large doses and enough water daily, and can be back on the health of the individual as a result, it is a proven scientific fact that the human body is composed of 80% water.

Studies have proved that the Swiss drinking water frequently helps automatically to break the fat accumulated in the body, while the body of water it needs is one of the biggest factors leading to muscle weakness.

The experiments indicated that men eat five to eight glasses of water a day on a regular basis, 54% help them to avoid the risk of sudden heart attack.

The last factor that helps well on building the muscles of the body are coffee , although the intake of several scientific studies of the effect of caffeine on the overall performance of the body , which concluded that caffeine intake overly strong works to weaken the body gradually .

Also came studies to prove that eating a cup to two cups of coffee a day, ensures the safety of building the muscles of the body, with an invitation for all amateur performance of weight lifting exercises, to take one cup of coffee before exercise, to help pay gravity up with the possibility of repeating the exercise several times additional.

Some studies have shown at Harvard University that coffee drinkers have a chance of up to 30% for the prevention of Parkinson's disease , but in case if you suffer from high blood pressure , do not exaggerate the coffee where she works increase the percentage of caffeine on the difficulty of exercise and even do your business daily .


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