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10 foods reduces appetite for Help in Weight Loss

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Eating a low-calorie snacks between meals, if it makes you feel subconsciously to more consumption of food against hunger, and for this offer you the best ten foods low in calories and help you feel full to help you get the perfect body.
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Learn these foods in the following pages:
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1 - Water
A recent study has shown that eating two cups of water before meals reduces calorie intake between 75 and 90 calories per meal for people who do not consume water before meals.
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2 - Apple
All kinds of apples reduce the feeling of hunger as a result they contain fiber, and that Apple provide the body with energy because it helps regulate the level of glucose in the body.
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3 - pepper
Teaspoon of chili can increase metabolic rates and increase the speed of burning calories, and eating cayenne prevents you from eating large quantities of food and reduces the speed of eating helps to speed the feeling of satiety.
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4 - Ginger
For centuries, ginger is used in recipes digestion because it has a high ability to assist the body in the process of digestion and soothe the stomach and also reduce the feeling of hunger.

5 - almonds
Only a handful of almonds provide the body with antioxidants, vitamin E and magnesium. As studies have shown that almonds help feeling of fullness, which forces you to eat less food.
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6 - green tea
While coffee may help to increase metabolism but cause tension, while that green tea helps you feel full because it regulates the level of sugar in the blood as it reduces the growth of fat cells to contain on Alkatilkens materials that reduce the fat storage process.
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7 - oats
Oat foods that contain carbohydrates slow digestion, which gives a feeling of satiety for as long as possible, as it contains fiber that helps heart health.
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8 - vegetable juice
A study showed that eating a cup of vegetable juice reduces calorie intake at the next meal is about 135 calories, as these juices reduce appetite and at the same time is filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

9 - vegetables
Green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, Swiss chard, spinach, cabbage, her taste is acceptable if the raw or cooked and full of vitamins and is characterized by low calories and also very nutritious and help you feel full for long periods of time.
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10 - Flaxseed
Flaxseed a great source of fiber that helps to satiety and also for the health omega-3 and flaxseed can be added to yogurt and juices Alsmothy and power.

Make sure to eat and one of the previous foods between meals to reduce the feeling of hunger and help reduce excess weight.

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