Thursday, October 17, 2013

Six Pack Abs - Ab Workouts

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How can the average person achieve six pack abs and a lean muscular body? In fact, is it even possible without expensive ab exercise gadgets, fad diets, or dubious weight loss pills and supplements? Everyone knows how to lose excess weight if they are really honest, it requires some exercise and a balanced diet. Similarly to build a lean body with six pack abs, there are sensible and safe ways of doing it, and they don't involve pills or expensive ab workout gadgets. In this article we will look at how.
Many people looking to build six pack abs are not aware that they likely already have well developed abdominal muscles, certainly more than they think, without needing specific ab exercises. However, any abdominal muscles they have are often hidden by the layers of excess fat most of us carry around our waist and abdomen. This highlights one of the keys to building the physique you desire - you need to lower your body fat percentage so that your abdominal muscles are visible.
For areas such as the upper arms this is not the case because there is much more muscle mass there than fat deposits, but for the abdomen it is critical. You can pound the miles on a treadmill and lift weights all day, but without burning excess fat your abs will remain firmly hidden! How can we lower our body fat percentage? The answer of course is a combination of sensible diet and exercise.
One method some people choose in an attempt to burn their excess fat and reveal those abs is drugs and diet pills. Everyone has seen advertisements for miracle supplements and the latest fat-burning pills, but do they actually work, and should you even consider using them? There are a number of different types of diet pills, firstly let us examine what they can do.
There do exist drugs which can help to increase the rate at which the body burns fat, they do this by increasing the metabolism. However such medications are not designed for use by healthy people, they are specifically for use in cases where a medical patient is dangerously obese and exercise and diet can no longer be used to lower their weight. These drugs are prescribed by doctors only in severe cases, and they have well documented side effects which are only risked in obese patients where this is the last resort.
The other type of diet pills tend to be natural supplements, which to be honest have very little if any effect on the body. The are often sold by commercial companies to desperate people seeking an easy way to lose weight without effort, and are certainly not going to have any effect on someone trying to build a ripped body with six pack abs.
The real, lasting, and safe method to build impressive abdominals and a toned body in general, is to make a commitment to a long term program combining regular exercise (to both burn fat and build muscle mass), and a sensible natural diet which provides all the healthy foods you body needs without adding additional reserves of fat. It sounds simple, of course, but actually following it through is the tough part. Most of us need some sort of guidance at the very least to make such a change work, for some people this involves hiring personal trainers, for others there are excellent books and programs available online which can break the steps down for anyone to follow


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