Monday, October 14, 2013

Fat Burning Exercises

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When the summer comes, is really good time to take advantage of fat burning exercises in order to have a firm and well defined body. But first, you should burn fat with some cardiovascular or aerobic activity. To get motivating results, this routine should last thirty minutes at least, and you can extend it to forty five minutes or even to one hour of exercise per day. Also it is recommended for you to make the exercise before having your breakfast, since according to scientific investigations, a person is capable of burning even sixty percent more of fat if the exercise routine is executed before breakfast.
The recommended heart rate should be maintained in the interval of 130 and 145 beats per minute (thus you will be burning fat in a more efficient way). The most recommended tip would be to control the heart rate with a pulsometer.
Fat burning exercises routine
Here are some fat burning exercises you should practice each day:
1. Have an outdoor brisk walking for at least five minutes.
2. Running outdoors or in the gym on the treadmill for at least five minutes.
3. Cycling exercise also for five minutes at least.
4. Practicing three minutes of step exercise in the following way: go up and down on the step slowly for one minute, then go up and down on the step at higher speed for one minute, and finish by going up and down on the step slowly again for one minute.
5. Rope jumping for a minute, you can jump with your feet together or you can alternate feet.
6. Jumping jacks, you can make one hundred repetitions or you can make this exercise for one or two minutes.
7. Six more minutes of a variety of exercises with the step and the rope.
8. To start the closing, some cycling exercises from five to ten minutes.
9. Jogging from five to ten minutes.
10. Outdoor walking for five minutes.
Finally, relax and drink some water.
Additional fat burning exercises 
Here are some favorite fat burning exercises which you can include on the previous routine:
• Squats. This exercise will work on the biggest muscles of the body; therefore it will help you to burn more fat. The movement associated to this exercise requires a lot of effort which is the key for burning calories. Therefore this exercise should go at the beginning of your daily routine. You could use a couple of dumbbells or even a specialized machine for this matter.
• Barbell Bicep Curl. This exercise works on your chest, biceps and forearms. To execute this exercise stand with your feet separated at the level of your shoulders, with the palms of your hands facing out and with elbows at each side, hold the bar and with the biceps and triceps extended close your hands and carry the bar toward your chest with a slow and controlled movement, you should not move your shoulders or your back while making this movement. Then put down the bar very slowly until your arms get to be completely extended.


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