Saturday, October 26, 2013

Benefits of tomato juice

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Firstly : athlete useful :
There are a lot of benefits that it contains tomato juice and not your doctor tells you all of them , including the latest medical research advises the importance of eating tomato juice immediately after completion of exercise and exercise violent in gyms to be effective in helping the body to restore vitality and energy at a faster rate than any other drinks .

The researchers explained that tomato juice contains natural chemical combinations vital help to restore muscle blocks its activity and vitality , as well as the return of blood to the normal level with increased power these bony blocs .

A team of researchers in a number of different research centers in Greece has conducted research on nearly 15 athletes over two months to monitor and analyze vital signs , including before and after exercise .

Second: the article " lycopene " :
This comes at a time which describes research on tomato contains many nutrients and substance " lycopene " anti-oxidant protection and contribute to many diseases , including cancer and heart disease.

Tomatoes and tomato juice Needless Ballaecupen , .. This compound contains powerful antioxidants and anti-cancer properties , in addition to that it works as a contraceptive antioxidant and protects cells from damage.

This studies have found that lycopene is very effective against various types of cancer , such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Tomato juice also contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, Cuba also proved to be of tomato provides about 74 % of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C and 2% of vitamin A. And vitamins A and c knew Bakdrthma of strengthening the immune system and destroy free radicals.

And other vitamins that are found in tomato juice vitamins C , B ​​1 , B 2, B 3 , B 5, and B 6, and between the minerals found in tomato juice also potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus , which ensures healthy function of the cells and tissues of the body .

Third: the fight against cholesterol :
In addition to that , the tomato juice contains contents of the natural ability to fight the bad cholesterol , and include such content fiber and vitamin B- 3 .. All of this makes a great tomato juice cure for high cholesterol .

Fourth: heart disease :
The tomato juice is very useful in cases of heart disease because it is rich in vitamin B6 is used this vitamin in cracking the homocyctene compound which is known for its ability to damage the walls of blood vessels .

Fifth: Clarifying the intestines :
Tomato works as a disinfectant for the intestines and stomach as it removes indigestion and difficulty digesting food output, and tomato fruit contains iron metal , if you suffer from anemia drink tomato juice or eaten .

VI : Treat Acidity:
Tomatoes can be used to relieve and treat acidity to balance the body alkalis , as well as reduce the congestion situation in the tomato Chest Diseases own breathing and congestion of the trachea.

Seventh: the treatment of diabetes :
Tomatoes are useful for diabetes and holders to the presence of a very small amount of carbohydrates and can be used in slimming as well .

Eighth: The treatment of arthritis :
Tomato juice deals with arthritis by mixing and heating oil to evaporate then the situation over the area of injury to relieve pain .

IX : Skin :
Tomato juice increases skin smoothness , do you know that tomatoes have aesthetic benefits in addition to health benefits ; They are one of the most important on the table vegetables rich in vitamins .

Tomato is also considered important benefits in reducing weight and give the body enough strength on this weight loss .


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