Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eye Exercises Proven Effective for Rebuilding Vision

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While it's true that very few eye doctors offer instruction in natural eye exercises that can dramatically improve your vision, you should know that eye exercises are PROVEN to rebuild vision.
Natural vision therapy is recognized by:
1) American Optometric Association
2) Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences
3) Dictionary of Occupational Titles of the Employment and Training Administration
4) U.S. Public Health Service
5) Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration
6) National Center for Health Statistics
7) Bureau for Labor Statistics
8) Department of Health and Human Services
9) Association of Academic Health Centers
PLUS, 43 U.S. states recognize vision training in their occupational definitions of optometry, AND natural vision correction is recognized by many other agencies, associations, notable experts, and organizations.
Here's what leading experts in eye care say about natural vision correction:
"The American Optometric Association affirms its longstanding position that vision therapy is an effective therapeutic modality in the treatment of physiological dysfunctions of the vision system." -American Optometric Association, 1985
An article published in the American Journal of Optometry & Physiological Optics summarized that "the literature provides a solid base of research supporting vision therapy as an effective treatment mode for accommodative deficiencies. Vision therapy procedures have been shown to improve accommodative function effectively and to eliminate or reduce associated symptoms." -Rouse, 1987
"Symptoms were totally eliminated in 53% of the patients, reduced in 43% and remained the same in only 4%. Therefore ... an overall success rate of 96%. There is an impressive and increasing body of evidence attesting to the trainability of accommodative function." (From a study of 96 patients with some type of accommodative dysfunction who had completed a vision therapy program.) - Irwin B. Suchoff, O.D., and Timothy G. Petito, O.D. (1986) Journal of the American Optometric Association.
William has worn glasses for the last 20 years. Fed-up with his dependency on glasses and worried about the risks associated with eye surgery, he is presently using eye exercises to improve his vision


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